Elements Active 5% THC Free CBD Oil

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Our THC free broad-spectrum CBD oil is a great starting point, especially if you’re new to CBD as its an excellent way to ease into the perfect dose. The THC content has been totally removed and is therefore ideal for athletes and sportspeople who want to take advantage of the benefits CBD brings in sport. Elements Active is made using broad-spectrum CBD blended into MCT carrier oil. The hemp oil has had all the trace elements of THC extracted and has been carefully prepared, and has undergone a supercritical C02 extraction and quality testing process, creating a CBD-rich hemp oil infused with natural oils including MCT coconut oil to increase absorbency.

Our pure THC free broad-spectrum CBD Oil is:

  • Free of GMO, artificial colours, aromas or preservatives
  • Easy to dispense and accurately measure
  • A whole-plant extract following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

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